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The Silver Pages is Philip Zach and Paul Zach.

Some of our favorite melodies and lyrics were written hundreds of years ago.  They are honest words that stir our hearts to look beyond our desperate situations, they are notes and chords that bring us to tears of sorrow and joy.  With no real goal in mind, Philip and Paul set out to simply record their favorite hymns and involve as many interesting people and instruments as they could.

What happened in the studio was a truly remarkable and memorable collaboration with over 30 other people, from mandolin to trumpet, slide guitar, ukelele, violin, doublebass, accordion, tons of floor toms, shakers, tamborines, glockenspiel, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, and 20 or so background singers.  With so many people involved in the short span of a few weeks, it was a whirlwind of creation and inspiration, a process Philip and Paul will never forget.  Two original songs, written by the Silver Pages, are also on the record and were given the same collaborative treatment as the old hymns.

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