Remedy Drive

Remedy Drive: CommodityRemedy Drive is a band from Nashville TN best known for their singles “Daylight” and “All Along ” from their national debut album “Daylight Is Coming” (2009).
The new record, “Commodity” (2014) was produced by Philip Zach (Arrows and Sound) at The Grid Studio in Lincoln, NE.

“i love writing songs because music has a way of reminding me that something is right in the universe – melodies have a way of whispering a new language for an ancient hope. somehow songs are able to push back the darkness a bit – and when we sing these songs it feels likewe’re shooting bullet holes in the night sky so that the light can shine through – light that exposes these empty spaces inside of me – light that reminds me that i might be lost but i’m not a lost cause – light that someday is going to rip the sky wide open.
until then – we’re going to keep on putting one note in front of another – we’ll keep on writing these hopeful melodies and singing them together at 110db – and then someday by the crystal sea. thanks for listening and thanks for singing along.”

-David Zach


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the dream is to record a collection of melodies that will cut through the darkness like lasers to remind our souls of freedom.

Freedom – the cry from the depths of my heart and the theme of an entire album – to be imagined through lyric, melody and sonic landscape. We want to make a concept album on liberty, to shine a light on slavery, to protest oppression and to empower rescue. We want to add to the soundtrack of the resistance:

How can I sing about liberty if I’m not running after it? How can I sing about freedom if I’m selling out? Or buying in? I’m a soul inside a body – I’m not a commodity.

My hope is that this album will sound like a captive’s dream of liberty – a defiant reminder, against all odds, that it’s in the King’s kingdom the oppressed can find refuge, the marginalized can find hope, the child soldier can find safety, the trafficked daughter in the red light district can return to her innocence again as a princess of the realm.

Spending these last couple years researching and writing these songs has led me to believe in the idea that freedom and justice are in the hands of the ordinary. I took my first trip to Southeast Asia a couple months ago to get involved with a coalition of forces that are going into the darkest of all places to capture evidence of children being trafficked and sold by the hour for the purpose of rescuing them. I went undercover in the red-light districts of several cities with Matt from The Exodus Road and am going to continue to go back because I believe freedom can only be achieved when we “develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said. During this next chapter of Remedy Drive we are going to do everything in our power to raise awareness and to fund rescue.

Thank you for being part of our story and helping us sing these songs of freedom. We can’t release this album without your support.  Please help us make this dream a reality. We have recording, mixing, duplication, video and packaging costs. But we also want to build a team around us to help get these songs on the airwaves and to places where they’ll be discovered and sung around the world.

My brother Philip Zach formed the band with me 15 years ago and came back to partner with us as the producer after three years of not touring together anymore.   Corey, Dave, Tim and I have been trying these tunes out on tour the last couple months and it became clear right away that these songs and their story are much bigger than any songwriter, producer or rock band. Help us spread freedom at 110db.

“Won’t you help me sing – these songs of freedom – are all I ever have – redemption songs”.

– David Zach